Recovery From IBS

Easily achieve freedom from pain and bloat, ditch food confusion, and eliminate ‘tummy troubles’ by at least 80% within 3 weeks

Hey, you.I’m sorry to see you here (what?!) I mean….I’m GLAD you’re here, but I’m sorry that you struggle with digestive problems.It’s a nightmare, right?

The pain and bloating is just the start.

There’s also the embarrassment over the smell, or making your family pull over so that you can run to the toilet.

Then, there’s the fear and uncertainty around food.What to buy at the grocery store…or order at a restaurant?!?Don’t even talk to me about Chinese food.

Even worse, there’s the financial impact.What if you knew the total amount you’ve spent on supplements, books, and appointments that didn’t help?$1,000?$5,000?More?!?Not to mention the career impact.If you haven’t actually left a job because of it, you’ve definitely considered it!You just can’t handle the stress and travel that seems required to climb the ladder.

Finally, and worst of all, there’s the social impact.The cancelled date night spent at home with a hot pad.The missed girl’s night out for drinks….spending the evening depressed and frequenting the toilet instead.The strained relationship, because each conversation seems to come back to your stomach ache.

Ugh.It feels like this is ruining your life.

It wouldn’t be SO bad if there was some hope, but you’ve tried the doctor.You’ve tried many doctors.You’ve had the stool test, the endoscopy, the colonoscopy….and you’re no better than when you started.At best, they send you off with an anti-depressant or a stool-altering medication that doesn’t work.At worst, they make you feel crazy.

It’s enough to make you crazy.It starts to feel like a vicious cycle – your digestive problems cause fear and anxiety around food.Fear and anxiety make your digestive problems worse.It’s hard to tell what’s feed what at this point.

Your Instructor

Erin Skinner
Erin Skinner

Hi there, I’m Erin, and I’m not the usual kind of Dietitian. Yes, I went to some elite schools. Sure, I have a lot of additional training and education in integrative health and functional medicine. Yes, I have published a book. But, what really sets me apart is my passion for helping you.

You see, I’ve had my share of thrills. As a former Air Force officer, I’ve flown low level in a jet near the speed of sound, I’ve air-dropped supplies, under gunfire, to special forces in Afghanistan, and I’ve jumped solo out of an airplane (several times) and survived. Still, none of that compares to the absolute THRILL that I get from seeing someone’s life upended, revived, and saved using nutrition therapy.

I’ve been doing this for years, and I’m addicted to getting results for my clients. In fact, if you’re wondering about my hobbies, I’m sorry to disappoint. I spend most of my free time improving my skills so that I can outperform even myself…for you.

That’s what’s important to know about me. If you’re curious to know more, I’m a California girl who has lived in 3 countries and visited 33. I have a handsome husband and three incredible boys, ages 1, 5, and 7. Somehow I also squeeze in Crossfit. I don’t have time for hobbies, but I’m ridiculously happy and blessed, so I call it a win. ;)

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